Committed to Excellence

Yorkshire Copper Tube is the leading manufacturer of copper tube for the United Kingdom and many countries worldwide.

Operating in the UK from one of the most modern factories in the world, we combine advanced manufacturing methods and sophisticated quality control techniques to ensure that only consistently high standard tubes are supplied to our customers.

Ongoing substantial investment programs by Mueller Industries are testaments to our commitment to excellence in product quality and customer service.



We are committed to providing value for money, quality products and achieving long-term customer satisfaction. We continuously monitor production processes and business procedures, always striving for improvement. Our stringent Management Systems encompass all elements of our business activities including organisational, technical and environmental aspects. These systems have been approved and registered by BSI to the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001 and BS EN ISO 14001 under our approval certificates FM 00452 and EMS 543672.

Quality System Registration Certificate FM 00452 – EN/ISO 9001
Environmental System Registration EMS 543672 – EN/ISO 14001


Our copper tubes are manufactured in full accordance with the appropriate product standards, including EN 1057, as well as EN 13349 for plastic coated tubes and EN 13348 for medical gas tubes. Tube is inspected and tested to the requirements of numerous international certification bodies and we are licensed to use the BSI Kitemark.

Kitemark Licence KM 05526 – plumbing tubes to EN 1057
Kitemark Licence KM 70734 – medical tubes to EN 13348

All Yorkshire approval certificates are available for download from this website.


Customers specify Yorkshire Copper Tube when quality and performance count. They thereby enjoy peace of mind using products that can be trusted to last. Quality records show that there is less than one chance in a million of a failure occurring in our products directly attributable to a manufacturing fault. Our products can even outlast the buildings in which they are installed.


Our confidence in our products is such that we guarantee them for 25 years against manufacturing defects.

Guaranteed by the UK’s leading copper manufacturer.


We seek at all times to make it easy for customers to do business with us. Yorkshire Copper Tube supplies UK customers from a central stock with a dedicated distribution fleet, thereby offering speedy and efficient delivery of tube.

We operate a state of the art computer system integrating various functions within the business. One of the benefits of this system is that it allows stock levels to be optimised to meet customer demand and provide prompt deliveries. We are also able to offer customers the facility of electronic data interchange (EDI).

We maintain regular contact with customers through our sales office and field sales teams who provide help, advice and support as required.
We also operate a technical back-up and enquiry service which is freely available to all our customers.