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September 26, 2014

Yorkshire Technical Advice

Installation of plastic covered tube

Experienced, time-served, plumbers are familiar with the installation of copper tube systems since they have been used for very many years and are considered the standard material against which all others are measured. The Kuterlex and Kuterlex Plus products are increasing in use and some comments on their installation follow.

Kuterlex and Kuterlex Plus tubes are Yorkshire copper tubes sheathed in a continuous plastics cover.

The covering on Kuterlex Plus has air channels on its internal surface. Although Kuterlex and Kuterlex Plus are primarily designed for protection against external aggressive materials, the Kuterlex Plus cover reduces heat loss from buried hot service tube and condensation along surface fixed cold service pipework.

Kuterlex Plus tubes are particularly recommended for domestic hot water and heating services, especially if the pipes are to be buried in plaster or screed, or for cold water services exposed to conditions of high humidity where condensation may be a problem.

Kuterlex and Kuterlex Plus are primarily intended for internal / underground applications and outdoor surface fixing of these products is therefore not recommended.