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December 18, 2013

The most cost-effective business leads

1. Repeat business

As you know, your plumbing and heating skills go a long way in any home. If you are initially called in for a boiler problem, you could suggest that your customer has an annual service with you for less than the gas companies. Perhaps, at some point your customer will be updating their kitchen or bathroom. If you let them know about the other areas you specialise in, they will be likely to come to you. Take their email details and send them an email from time to time.

2. Word of mouth

With a good job, recommendations normally come naturally. Some heating and plumbing engineers are able to rely on word of mouth and repeat business without any advertising at all. If however, you spend money advertising your business, consider offering rewards to your customers for referring a new customer to you. It could be some money off or a free boiler service, anything that would be an incentive to them that you can afford to offer.

3. Social Media

There are a lot of homeowners who use Facebook as well as other social media channels, however you are more likely to find traction here for generating business leads. Facebook is a great tool for all businesses, particularly small ones. If you don’t have a website, you can create a business page and use this instead. Ask your customers and friends to like your page to start building up your network. As you get more likes, friends of friends will see this activity and it will generate more awareness of your services. Post content that will encourage your followers to interact with it – again this interaction will be seen outside of your follower network.

4. Online advertising and Pay Per Click

Facebook and Google both offer cost-effective ways to generate business leads if you target customers well.

Facebook advertising lets you choose who you want to target to like your page or take advantage of an offer.

Google and other search engines offer pay per click advertising to help customers come to your website or page when they type in keyword search terms e.g. ‘boiler problems’. You can control how much budget you spend and who sees your ads by location. You could get a customer for just pence this way and turn it on and off as and when you need new customers.