COPPER TUBE TO BS EN 1057 – R220/R290

Yorkshire and Yorkshire Extra are general purpose copper tubes used for plumbing services, and on certain pressurised steam installations with a maximum working temperature of 205°C.
The products are available in both straight length and coil form. Coiled tubes can be bent easily by hand or using an appropriate machine. Straight lengths up to 18mm are specially manufactured with enhanced manipulation characteristics to aid machine bending.


  • Cu-DHP grade copper
  • Products approved by SITAC (Sweden), SINTEF (Norway) and VTT (Finland)
  • 6-22mm coils available in R220 (annealed) condition, suitable for hand manipulation and forming
  • 10-108mm straights available in R290 (hard) condition
  • 10-18mm straights manufactured as YORKSHIRE EXTRA with enhanced machine bending characteristics
  • 6–15 mm coils available in 50m lengths, 18–22 mm in 25m lengths, straights in 2.5, 3 or 5m lengths


  • Drinking Water
  • Central Heating
  • Solar Heating
  • Sanitation
  • Gas
  • Various engineering
  • Underground services


All systems should be designed, installed and used in accordance with (Säker Vatten Installation) Safe Water Industry Regulations and appropriate specifications or codes of practice (e.g. EN 806) and/or Yorkshire Copper Tube technical recommendations.

Download Yorkshire’s Nordic Safe Water (Säker Vatten) Installation Guide HERE


We offer a 25 year guarantee against product failure directly attributable to a manufacturing defect.