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December 15, 2014

Installers warned to stay ‘fake free’ this winter

The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) is calling on installers to be vigilant over the authenticity of spares they fit this winter.

Fake parts bearing the CE conformity mark are being sold to installers even though they haven’t been properly tested and could even be made from the wrong material. The HHIC also wants to remind installers that they are responsible for all parts and spares they purchase and fit. Therefore, should any problems occur as a result of a fake part being fitted, the installer is personally liable for any damage and/or injury caused.

Roger Webb, director of HHIC, likened the trend to the afflictions of other industries, “Unfortunately, just like cigarettes and handbags, there are a lot of heating spares that are fake, with many carrying a CE mark and claiming to be an exact replica of the manufacturer’s own part.

“But these fakes won’t have been through the rigorous testing process or be made of the correct material – which at best invalidates the boiler warranty and at worst could be dangerous. If a problem occurs as a result of using them, the installer is liable. Heating engineers are liable for all of the work they carry out and this liability extends to any replacement parts they purchase and fit.”

Any parts that are found to be fake should be reported to a local Trading Standards office.

Tip – Always be vigilant when purchasing parts and make sure they’re genuine. Report any suspicions to a local Trading Standards office as soon as possible. Of course, genuine mistakes do happen so make sure your insurance is up to date and fully covers you.